Hi, glad you found Lateral Script I am a copywriter with a passion; a passion for words that provoke thought and action. Now I’m no Edward de Bono, however I am aware of how lateral thinking is imperative to the creative process and incorporate it into my approach when working with you.

I will take a lateral approach to your requirements I can build a clear and concise message which will add much needed impetus to the decision making process whether it’s to gain subscribers, buyers or users of your products or services.

The major search engines have changed our perspective on content creation, it requires insight, experience, and imagination to keep things fresh for savvy consumers who are not easily persuaded by generic sales copy.

Using various copywriting techniques I can create a tailored call-to-action targeted at your audience that will increase conversion rate which is the bottom line for any online strategy. You want your marketing message to resonate in your client’s mind but at the same time not to subdue them with unnecessary sesquipedalian prose.  My work will be proofread and edited as the aim is to be direct and clever and so by the end of reading my literature potential clients take the next step without question.

The benefits of working with Lateral Script;

I will generate ideas/thoughts; not select them.

There are no negatives when laterally approaching a project.

The purpose of my work is not to be right but to be effective.

My charges are austerity rated, let’s talk about your content needs and get it done.