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Creating Fonts Isn’t Easy, Let Your Voice Do It!

We often take for granted what we read not in terms of learning and gaining knowledge from our favorite blogs, articles or books but we often overlook the device that allows us to scan the information.

font alphabetFonts! now I’m not a designer/typographer but by having friends in the creative industry certain terminology would be banded around such as tracking (space between words) and kerning (space between letters) and leading (the vertical space between lines of text). My curiosity got the better of me and I had to ask what these terms meant. And of course after the explanation and some quick research it made sense which amplified my previous ignorance on the aesthetics of letters.

Copywriting is one thing as it deals with using different combinations of words tailored for a specific outcome, a call to action, to buy goods or subscribe to newsletters etc.  I love typography but it’s totally different from copywriting; there are thousands of awesome fonts out there and deciding on a fonts for android apps, website, or logos can be a stressful task. The web is replete with font directories like fontsquirrel, 1001fonts and Dafont amongst others and although these font foundries have swathes of free fonts you get bogged down with legalities and usage rights so you’ve got to be prepared to stretch your budget however there are opportunities to download commercial free fonts.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “there’s nothing new under sun” but when it come to creativity originality is key. We are all unique in various ways from our skin complexions to our fingerprints to our voices, imagine you could create your own personalised fonts without lifting a finger! Well, you can with new website Typevoice which is a collaboration between Webby Awards and Olgilvy New York.

Image Sourced from

Image Sourced from

By using audio parameters such as pitch, volume, timbre to name a few they’ve created algorithms around this audio data to endow each character to breathe life into text almost literally. The shear amount of these audio parameters allows you to get a number of surprising results; laugh, yell even whistle into Typevoice and you’ll be amazed.

Typevoice asks for permissions to use your computer’s microphone, then follow speaking prompts with word strings like “yas”,

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Image sourced from



once the font has been created, you can even customise each letter by altering speech patterns as the site gains more traction it will feature a gallery so users can view fonts created by others, so get over to Typevoice and see what font your dulcet tones can create.